Late 2000 I started to learn AUTOCAD and, then, I was introduced to a LISP dialect called AUTOLISP. I used it to automate repetitive tasks when drawing a telecommunication projects. After that. I got curious about computer programming and I enrolled in an ASP/VBScript/PHP/JScript course. Also, I bought a Java book and started to learn this new thing called OOP. Back in the time, GNU/Linux got in my radar and I had to learn the basics to start a career as a Network Analyst. However, I was still studying software development by myself. I learned a programming language called Python and, after some time working as Sysadmin, I applied to a position as a Python Programer for a Linux distribution called Mandriva, former Conectiva Linux. After my journey at Mandriva, I got a position as a Backend Developer, designing, architecting and developing REST APIs with microservices and authentication/authorization solutions. My main learning was that at mid-to-long term, without the proper architecture, the code will get coupled to frameworks and technologies and the lead and circle time will, likely, increase.